Privacy Policy

StatGo is dedicated to ensure the privacy of our users, information submitted in the use of our products and services and the integrity of our data transmission and storage processes. We may update any of our privacy process at any time without notice so please visit this page periodically to stay abreast of such developments.

StatGo keeps a record of our website traffic and application downloads, including number of visits, location of visitors and pages visited by users. We do not share these data but rather use such information to improve the visitor experience and our service provision.

StatGo will collect and store data including personally identifiable information from those who contact us via, from our website, through our app, or other venues in order to facilitate use of our products and services. We will collect information about you to establish your identity (for example, name, address, email address, phone number, practice address, and professional qualifications, restrictions, and certification status with regulatory colleges, etc.). This information will be treated in accordance with applicable privacy laws enacted Federally and in the Province of origin of our customers. The information collected will be limited to what is necessary appropriate use of our services and products and will only be retained as long as it is required to fulfill these purposes. We will make every effort to keep this information as accurate, complete and up-to-date. At any time, our customers may ask for details of such information and seek correction of same.

We may, if required by statute, lawful court order or during the course of legal proceedings, disclose identifiable information. We may also use contact information to advise our customers about issues relating to their accounts, proposed changes to our products and any other information we feel is appropriate to ensure the optimal delivery of our products and services. If a customer does not wish to be advised of the latter information this can be deselected at any time by editing the customer registration form.

Any personal information collected will be protected by appropriate security safeguards to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure and copying.

Customer data entered into our systems will be protected by passwords, appropriate firewalls and encryption codes as necessary.

If any change in the corporate status of StatGo occurs all customers will be informed of same and customer privacy policy outline above will remain unaltered in any new entity that emerges.

Using and sharing your information
Personal, commercial, and other information collected by StatGo may be used to determine your eligibility for our products and services, create your profile in our app and provide you with the services, to manage our business and your relationship with us, to better understand the needs of our users and as required and permitted by law.

Any data submitted to our systems remains the property of our customers. All information so submitted will be protected by appropriate security safeguards to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure and copying.

The User and not StatGo will be responsible for ensuring that any information stored in our systems has been properly be disclosed in accordance with all laws relating to maintenance of privacy, security, and confidentiality of patient and other health information.

Submission of such data will require access to our systems. At all time such access will be password protected, biometric or otherwise. It is the responsibility of our customers to ensure that such passwords and/or usernames associated with customer accounts are kept confidential and ensuring that access to our systems is only available to users authorized users (customers or their agents).

StatGo will collect financial information from its customers including, but not limited to, bank account, credit and debit card information, as required to complete transactions. Such information will be managed in accordance with industry standards and will be protected appropriately.

Data Retention
StatGo may reject, suspend, alter, remove or delete data or to disclose to the relevant authorities if we are required to do so by law or appropriate authority, without notice.

Upon termination of your account you will lose all access to the Service and any portions thereof. After a period of time, at StatGo discretion, we will delete any data stored in or as a part of your account(s).

StatGo collects cookies to enhance service delivery and privacy. No information collected in this manner will be shared with any third party.

You agree to our Terms and Conditions to create an account/register with StatGo. StatGo reserves the right to change this privacy statement at any time. Changes will be posted to this page. Your continued use of this website and our products and services constitutes acceptance of any changes to this privacy statement, and changes to the use, collection and the disclosure of your personal information.

For more information or to request access to, or correction of, your personal information, please contact StatGo’s Privacy Officer at: 1.800.516.0818 Ext. 105

Last Updated: March 29, 2020