Software Developer

The StatGo team is currently looking for an energetic, motivated, and organized individual for the development team. This individual will be responsible for developing StatGo’s web/mobile app and API to serve data for the apps.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build apps that provide a superb user experience.
  • Write testable and maintainable code.
  • Automate routine tasks.
  • Respond to a service outage.
  • Interact with stakeholders.
  • Get feedback.


  • Ability to work remotely.
  • High level of problem-solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting skills.
  • Proficient with react native and git.


  • Work well in a team.
  • Program with shared understanding.
  • Be able to work under pressure to meet a timeline.
  • Handle privacy data with a high standard.
  • Work on multiple computer/operating system platforms (Linux and Mac).
  • Learn and implement new technologies quickly.

Key Technologies

  • ECMAScript 2020/TypeScript, React Native, React hooks, Redux, and GraphQL

Development Environment

  • Code editor: VS Code or alternatively Vim
  • bash, ssh
  • mysql


  • Deploy on day one
  • Developer’s VM
  • Declarative Programming
  • DevOps
  • Design Thinking
  • Evidence based decision making
  • Pair programming
  • Continuous Integration
  • On your very own OS


  • Remote


  • Individual dependent

To Apply

Please send applications to and note the job “Title” in the subject line.