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Increase Reimbursements-1

Increase Reimbursements

StatGo increases your collected billings by 2%-10% through knowledge of billing rules and diligent follow-up on rejected claims.

Use StatGo Software-1

Use StatGo Software

Use the StatGo’s Software to see every claim and its status. If a claim is rejected or underpaid, you can see what action we’re taking to get the problem fixed.

Save your Time-1

Save your Time

StatGo handles everything meaning you don’t need to manage your billings, missed claims, required follow-up on rejected claims.

Safe & Secure-1

Safe & Secure

Bank grade security protection, including end-to-end AES-256 SSL encryption. Stay compliant and keep patient information safe.

All Claims Types-1

All Claims Types

We can help you with every medical claim type, including in-province, out-of-province, WCB, Federal, Foreign Insurance, and Private claims.

Agent Support-1

Agent Support

Talk any time to a medical billing agent to get your questions answered.

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